Dollshoot 05/05/2012 @ Marina Bay

Location Marina Bay
Date 05.05.2012

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[Drama] Saba-dol さばドル

Screenshot of Saba-dol Episode 6

If you are a Fan of Oshi of Watanabe Mayu, this is one drama you wouldn’t want to miss.
Saba-dol main background story is event whereby a 38 year old moody teacher which teaches in a yankee high school. Where her sister accidentally sends a Idol application in where Mayu a.k.a Usa Shijimi wrote when she was young and striving for the idol dream. Thanks to that she who is 38 years old must hide her age as a 17 year old idol and the story unveils.

AKB48 Newest Single “Give Me Five” Preview

As of previously mentioned by King Records, AKB48 Newest album which will be named “Give Me Five” will be released on 15th Feburary 2012. Coming in 4 different editions with CD and DVD coming with each edition. There will be a Limited edition Type A & B and a Regular edition Type A & B.

Japan HP Support Angels starring AKB48

I might be abit late on this but well might as well just share it for those who read. I just happen to be surfing by the immense amount of data going on in the web about AKB48. Since I suddenly had the kicks to do it. I found this Interesting CM especially when it stars SKE48 member Matsui Rena which just happens to be my Oshimen for SKE48. So I guess I will let the video do the talking.

Yuki @ Home

Finally after exams. *And Relaxation. I started playing some games and chat with friends around? I recieved a package awhile back, originally meant for AFA. But HK Post office were having some issues and were delayed for a week or so thus missing it. So I had Yuki tried it on.

 Neko-mimi Hoodie!!!

I also got her a separate hat, somehow I just like hat for some reason. Then I went to do some of my own stuff. Normally I would kick back on my bed and read some manga I collected once again. But I saw this.

Yuki was lying on the bed enjoying “Kampfer”

I went to approach her and wanted to ask if we could share the spot. But she gave me this look.

 So Cute >///< !!!!

I just said nothing and continued surfing the net and play some games while Yuki enjoys her manga.