Epic Tuesday

I never really had to to get down to watching Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls until well today, had loads of time to spare. School ended at 12noon went home and napped 3 hours ( o w o )!. Well I will be doing a review on Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls for today. Well basically from what I can see from the current situation at hand, they are trying to find both the culprit of the so called “Shadow that will envelope the whole Great Japan” and the culprits for the “Spirited away students”. Interestingly they said there was a school, but up till episode 5. I have seen none, except in episode 1 briefly saw a few girls wearing school uniform then thats all. The school president well “Tokugawa Sen” to be exact, is no where to be found in school. Well lets drop the point, from what I interpret at this point of the serial is that. Yagyuu Muneakira is a guy which possess the ability to be a general to master samurais in other words like “Senhime’s brother” He has the ability to stand above all and become a Shogun. He principles and believes leads to awakening Yagyuu Jubei from her sleep in the “Dark Space” ( Thats what I like to call it ). And he receives at that point of awakening Yagyuu Jubei the power to “create” master samurais by just kissing them ( the contract ). Well thats all of it summing up what I like to conclude of this Anime at this point of time, I personally do think Yagyuu Muneakira has the ability to control and become an even more beastly than Yagyuu Jubei which is already crazy enough. Yea badass Hero *Thumbs Up*.

Follow are some screen-shots from the opening theme song
The “Known Master Samurais” Up to this point in the Anime
Yagyuu Jubei
Sanada Yukimura

Tokugawa Sen

Well as usual I always have high hopes for “Fan-Service” based series.
I already have Tokugawa Sen sitting outside my Top 10 babes.
I really like the CV of Yagyuu Jubei, I find it very amusing XD.
As usual I want to Thank You for listening to be blabber and here is your reward for the day. 

Wallpaper of the Day

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