News Saturday

Yea yea oh yea people!. Its been awesome these 2 days down or rather 3. 1st we hear good news from Good Smile Inc. now its time for Alter Inc. to strike.
Personally I am no longer purchasing Max Factory stuff, Experience 4 out of 6 products from them which are defective. Gave up on them.
I am currently only following Alter for their 1/8 Scale PVC Figs
and Nendoroid from Good Smile company.

1st up we have Uihara Kazari Released Date is set to 2011 March.
I find this figure really well made, if my pocket wasnt so tight now I wouldnt hesitate to push the button but well.
Pre-Order her at Hobby Search

2nd up we have Okami Ryoko Released Date is set to 2011 February.
Pre-Order her at Hobby Search

Links :
Alter Main Webpage
Alter Uihara Kazari
Alter Okami Ryoko
Hobby Search Uihara Kazari
Hobby Search Okami Ryoko

Next news its Japan FTW. Recently there have been news on the Fish Island or what ever its called Japan VS China issues. China called Japanese “日本鬼子”.
But they turn it against them by winning with Moeness!

Source of information : SankakuComplex ( 18+ Material ) If you are 18 or below do not enter.
Just have fun and Lol at it, I dont want to be entangled in any political issues haha.

Enjoy the images 😀

Current Hobby Search Rankings.
Just a day and Nendo Kirino is on 1st!! Wow.
Wallpaper of the Day

About Akiyo Jiro

Final Year Student @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Pursuing a Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering. Hobbies : Anime, Manga, ACG, Dollfies.

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