Custom Mashiro Banner.

I was adding the new Saber Lily Banner to my Blog ( Links below If you are interested )
So I was thinking I am missing a Mashiro Banner. I went searching around the Net and to my disappointment there wasn’t really one to begin with. I was thinking where is the Justice I went ahead and made Mashiro a Banner.
I basically took the Base Image Volks have and add Dollfie Dream Logo, Volks Logo, Kiss on my Deity Logo.
Thats basically all. Hope its not much of a disappointment, just wanted to share it with you guys.
If you guys want to use it go ahead, I am more than happy.
Stage 1 :
Image Hosted by

Stage 2:
(After taking opinions by Mao on : “it could be better if you adjust the background color to make mashiro stands out as for now, its balanced”)
Image Hosted by

About Akiyo Jiro

Final Year Student @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Pursuing a Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering. Hobbies : Anime, Manga, ACG, Dollfies.

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