Dollfie Dream Saber Lily

One of the most under spotlight Image character Saber is coming out its 3rd in release, after the Release of Original Saber & Alter Saber here comes Saber Lily.
I have heard this news several days ago, It was widely spread so I did not do a coverage on it. But since today is such a “newsless”, I shall cover this”
In the Current 4 Genres of Saber
– Saber
– Alter Saber
– Saber Lily
– Red Saber ( The one from the PSP Game, I am not too sure of the name. If you do fill me in. )
The one I most favor could be said to be Saber Lily, probably due to the elegance in her character design and clothing designs.
Dollfie Dream Lily Saber is molded by みさきせりか Serika Misaki(造形村) Which has produced my favorite head molds such as Fate, Nanoha, Yuki, Sasara and many other popular works.
I am still not too sure if shes a “Japan Only” Doll but I will reconfirm that later on with more research.
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Below are some Images from the Official Gallery. Link to the page on the Banner to the Right >>

*Avalon Will be on sale at Dollpa 24 : Details “here”
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*Saber’s Orignial Maid Uniform will be available once again at Dollpa 24 : Details “here”
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Sources :
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