Always troubled with the title.

I have been having troubles of thinking about titles fro my blog posts. Well maybe I will just switch it to Blog Entry “Date” from today on. Well who knows.

I have been sitting at my desk all day, refreshing the pages of Alter, GSC, Kotobukiya. For 2 hours no idea how long it was. Guess everyone needs a rest on Sunday, the A/M Industry is no exception. Well even though they ain’t much news today. Let me review or rather give a point of view on my side. Lately I have been switching on my Itunes and listening to “Future Gazer” by Fripside. Whenever I hear this song the “To aru Kagaku no Railgun OVA Opening” just flash into my mind, followed by a bunch of cute Misaka Mikoto smiles flooding in. If you did watch the OVA you should know, Misaka Mikoto does this really cute smile when she is getting captured on the “Tape” she was on. I will post some images for you guys below to view.
Also talking about the Anime Characters at hand, I am sure everyone of you. In your heart you are sure to have rankings or favourites of the Characters. For me in regards Fate Testarossa have always been sitting on top of all for around 4 Years now, Katsura Hinagiku sitting nicely on 2nd. But due to the recent “affections” Hina-chan ain’t going to have peace. I have “Nakano Azusa”, “Tamura Manami”, “Oikawa Tsurara”, “Kousaka Kirino”, “Misaka Mikoto” having the power struggle. Haha lol damn this is fun. (OAO”)!!
Anyways that is enough about me, heres the images I mention above enjoy yourself.

Featured Dollfie of the Day : New Tomomi’s outfits
Tomomi is owned by Pfrankz999, he doesn’t have a blog or rather he doesn’t share it. I am not sure which but you can read his post from the above link.

Featured Post of the Day :

Wallpaper of the Day

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Final Year Student @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Pursuing a Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering. Hobbies : Anime, Manga, ACG, Dollfies.

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  1. MISAKA FTW!~ <3<3

    Btw, will the OVA 2 be out?

  2. I saw something funny…
    The doll number two picture…like getting S.M….XD

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