When things crops up. (Image Intensive)

Why did everyone have to pop-out all together, give me a really hard choice who to Feature ARGH!!
Anyways I will still need to make a choice anyways. Which brings me to do a Dollfie Special post because there is just too much lovely daughters out there. And I will do them no rights If I don’t tell people about them. As usual several lines of description and photos and a direct link to their post or blog. But what will be featured will still be Featured.

Announcement : Rin Tohsaka UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS- (とおさか りん -UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS-) has been up pre-order announced by Good Smile Company earlier today. Talk a look links will be provided to you guys enjoy.


All Images are Copyright to Good Smile Company.
Links :
Good Smile Company
Hobby Search Pre-order
Otacute Pre-order

1st Bringing to you : Asuka Langley her Papa is Otakusan. He doesn’t have a blog so the Figure.fm link will be over here => Asuka Sunday Pet Walk (Image Heavy)

2ndly bringing you : Ogata Rina and Morikawa Yuki Cosplying as Haruhi and Mikuru respectively. Her post is till yet to be upped on the blog yet so Figure.fm link => Haruhi Cospre

Runner-Up Dollfie of the Day :
Once again Jon’s Mashiro is once again on my blog >////<. Maybe I am a little biased, maybe just a little. Shes just so cute. His blog is yet to be updated so links to Figure.fm => What is Love?

Featured Dollfie of the Day :
Well the Featured is given to Apple-puff. For the amazing scenery or maybe an amazing backdrop. Great photography skills as well. Claiming her the Featured of the day. Enjoy folks. Owner doesnt have a blog so I will once again forward you to Figure.fm => :: Rina & Yui ::

Featured Figure.fm Posts of the Day :

Wallpaper of the Day :

Bonus Wallpaper :

Well that is all folks! says Akiyo as Akiyo. Tehehe~


About Akiyo Jiro

Final Year Student @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Pursuing a Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering. Hobbies : Anime, Manga, ACG, Dollfies.

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