No school so what do I do?

So yea like the title said. I have no school on Wednesdays. So what do I do. As for today I did something pretty interesting. I downloaded a copy of Visual Novel and started playing it. I am not going to lie about anything, I would consider this a 18+ Eroge instead of the normal visual novels. Like Shuffle and Clannad which I have read. I have been searching for really interesting animes and mangas recently. Got pretty stucked. The last manga I read was Mx0 good story bad ending. Anime well other than the few I am following I find all of them either dropped or ignored. So I went hunting for Visual Novel. I normally look for English patches before I even down the game itself. I remembered I was 1st introduced into this scene when I was 16. By a certain “Someone” but I shall not reveal him. He intro-ed me to this Eroge named “Snow Sakura” I enjoyed the story alot. I only play one route unlike “The world god only knows” If you get what I mean. To actually portray the protagonist as myself as I play the route. I ended up with a story such that the other party’s parents do not approve of our relationship, went through alot of hardship and finally got together. Awesome story, well lets ignore the “H-scenes”. I started “My Girl-friend is the President” today morning 1st thing I finished my assignments lined-up. So far, nothing H has happen which kind of relieve me since I was hoping to find Little “H-content” and more “Story” went it comes to reading a Novel. So far it was nice. Screens below. This is a healthy blog so no 18+ images no worries.

Dollfie of the Day : Sakura and Ritsuko say Hello!
The purple hair is Sakura and Blue is Ritsuko. Don’t you think Ritsuko so adorable :3

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Final Year Student @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Pursuing a Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering. Hobbies : Anime, Manga, ACG, Dollfies.

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