Modern Warfare 2 a good game!?

This problem is bugging me for awhile now. I have heard so many comments on it over at youtube, forums and many other places. They have bugs, glitches etc. going on and instead of fixing it. They released the resurgence map pack. And thus ending its development and thus nothing fixed. List of Glitches and Bugs I know about to my own knowledge.

FAL w/ Red Dot Sight – Does not hit right on the dot by slightly to bottom left.
MG240 w/ Silencer – Red dot still show on radar when you shoot.
One Man Army – Giving unlimited Grenade Launcher Rounds, Claymore.

Things I personally have a grudge with:
G18 w/ Akimbo – Absurd Hip-Fire Range.
Care Package & Emergency Air-Drop – Giving free EMP, Chopper Gunner and AC130 at 4 kills and 9 kills?

I personally feel that I am doing well in this game, since I grasp how to actually “try not to die” and their usual flank routes and shoot to victory.

Currently my favourite Set-up would be.
Weapons :
SCAR w/ Heartbeat Sensor ( Since I cant find anything to put and its good to use )
SPA – 12 w/ Grip ( This is one gay shotgun but balanced )
Stun Grenade x 2
Perks :
Scavenger Pro
Stopping Power Pro
Ninja Pro

This are the screen-shots of my game-play recently using several set-ups.
Tactical Nuke Released at 25 Kill 0 Death = Final 33Kills 1 Death. Still Flawless 🙂
21 Kills 3 Deaths at Trailer Park. Pretty Good Score. Kill Ratio 7-1 DR.
14 Kills to 1 Death. Super Beastly. But still lost due to inexperienced team.
23 Kills and 2 Deaths. Quite an amazing score. 11.5 DR.
20 Kills and 4 Deaths. Pretty Good. 5 DR.
11 Kills and 2 Death. Bad deaths. Its was 11 – 0 but died 2 times and game ended. 5.5 DR.
25 Kills and 3 Deaths. Pretty awesome. 8.3 DR.
27 Kills and 2 Death. Pretty one-sided game. I dont know how my team all went negative. 13.5 DR.

All screen-shots taken in a single 2 hour gameplay.

Dollfie of the Day :Korean DD fanclub offline-meeting Vol. 4
A meet attended by Toel-uru.

Today’s Highlights :

Wallpaper of the Day :
Bonus Fan Service for Kanade Fans!! :


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