Why no post on previous days?

Let me answer that question for you. Cause I was away celebration my birthday XD.I went on outings with secondary school friends and poly friends on the respective days. My birthday is on 23rd of Decemeber. I kinda told my parents ahead of time that I dont want a gift since they won’t know what I want for my birthday and instead give me some money and buy myself a present and I did and therefore will be feature later on in my post.

Featured figures :
Comic XO [Jyumonji Tamaki] (PVC Figure) *18+ Figure.
Tenshi Good Smile Company Ver. (PVC Figure)
Morishima Haruka Swimsuit ver. (PVC Figure)

*Featured : Tenshi Good Smile Company Ver. (PVC Figure)
Its time folks click the button while I am not going to do so. I have been spending quite alot of pre-orders and really need to constrain myself back, Even though I have the capital. I cannot keep Yuki waiting can I, so I will be cutting down expenses on PVC figs and Misc stuff. But exception will include Nendoroids. XD
Anyways enjoy the Images.

Manufacturer : Good Smile Company
Scale : 1/8
Material : PVC
Producer : Sanzigen
Original : Angel Beats!
Release Date : May 2011
Price : 5,524 Yen ( Approximately SGD $74.50 )
Links :
Hobby Search Pre-order
GSC Site Link

Featured Dollfie : Trip to PARIS! (pt 1), Trip to PARIS! (pt 2)
I won’t be provide any images today since I want you to go over and actually read it, its awesome trust me :).
Photos :
This is the present I got for myself, I went down to KKnM and collect it. Went to meet up with my friends straight after at ViVo City so decided to take her out and take some photos. Some photos are taken after I got home and taken around 11.30pm so pardon the Night Noise.

Saber super poseable version. I really like the wordings they look GOLD! o.0

Let her try out the K-On uniform with the pose from Mio, Looks pretty nice.

I got 2 swords now, still wanna go at it?

Trying out some dual sword poses

I am strong XD

1st time trying out image BGed shot. Nice? Gimme a comment

Out door shots~

Wallpaper of the Day :

Well Last but not Least



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Final Year Student @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Pursuing a Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering. Hobbies : Anime, Manga, ACG, Dollfies.

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