DDII Body Arrives.

Just like the title stated. ITS HERE!!!. Ok well it came during 9am 19/5 well I was in school so I didn’t but to constantly refresh my EMS mail tracker. Got home and Complete Miya (DD Yuki). Thats what I like to name her :3. Well the process was fine and all. Tons of Bubble foam for my Mom to burst. HAHAHA, my mom just loves to burst those while she is having her hands free.Lets not bore you with text. Lets move on to images.

The Delivery box look at how lengthy it is.

The Volks.JP Clearly stated.

The SD size Head/Face Cover. Protection during travels, don’t want to get any scratches on that lovely face would ya :3

Concept Notes. ( Scans Will be uploaded shortly )
Link : https://akiyojiro.wordpress.com/2011/05/20/dollfie-dream-concept-note-scans/

I will just be doing a photo introduction so I will probably make a mini story of sorts since I kinda loved those of Leukemio’s and Haku’s. But I am a beginner so get ready to be disappointed.

Need to thank Ethan Ng for this Doll Sized Troblerone Bar for Miya. Her 1st present.
Miya : *Taps Taps*
Me : Yes Miya?
Miya : *Whispers into ear*
And she said Thanks uncle Ethan for it was delicious. :3 (Did she really eat that?)

Tried the shot with 3 different background. Plain wall, Pink Cloth and my Black & White Striped T-shirt.

Still kinda shy huh. Probably because she just having a towel around her.
For those asking why is that so. Well I just summed up the amount needed for the DDII Body and didn’t plan for clothings since I want to get the body ASAP so thus, Towel fashion FTW??

Miya is going to give you a hug. You up for one?

A close-up. ( Ain’t Head mold of Yuki Morikawa just amazing. )

What was I thinking? Maybe a passport photo?

I used this curtain as a background and turned out. Rather Blackish even though its brown. Nevermind about that. Ok This Teddy which you see over here is actually a birthday gift from my Elder Sister when I was 12. Lovely ain’t it. Decided to past it down to Miya to take care of and she seems to love it :3

Thats pretty much sums up everything. Hope you enjoy the post.


About Akiyo Jiro

Final Year Student @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Pursuing a Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering. Hobbies : Anime, Manga, ACG, Dollfies.

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  1. nice nice.. congrats (^^)

  2. I feel the need to… dollnap her.

    Shall wait for your story now hah.

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