Shopping for Yuki

Well woke up in the morning. Afternoon rather, around 11.00 am. Opened up the list of recommendations I asked my Elder Sister to look out for me on Dollmore. I got a few I like and asked the Opinion of @MotokoYamamoto @Leukemio @Kitsuke for some opinions and came up with these.

I got to some issue payment wise. But thanks to @TonyBSD for pointing it out to me I was able to not get stuck.
The “SD – Slim Line Slip (Pink) UME-SDSP(PI)02” is an order for a friend.
I will be listing them and showing you what exactly I bought and all images rights go to

26 inch Carrage Bag (Solid White)

This bag is high Quality Bag and can keeps your valuable doll safely!!
* convenient storage space
* waterproof good Quality cloth
* inside cusion processing
* convernient handle and shoulder braid.
* size :
width 26 inch(64cm)
Length 6 inch(15cm)
height 6 inch(15cm)
Link :

SD – Basic Type Panty (Line pink)

There are simple and lovely panties~
It is an easy fit to be made out of the elasticated cloth as well.
Link :

SD – Secret Garden

Your doll will feel romantic and enjoy spring in this full skirt with flower pattern.
The wide brimmed hat would complete this romantic outfit.
* included: dress, hat
Link :

SD – Check Ribbon Sandals (Pink)

There are low wedge heeled sandals that laced up at the front.
It’s must-have item for the clear spring and summer seasons~!
It’s great for both dressy and casual clothes.
Link :

SD – Ribbon Choker Long T (W & B)

The choker and nice fitting add a feminine style and accent to the outfit.
It’s available in one-piece dress or long T-shirt as shown in the pictures.
* Included: T-shirt + choker
Link :


About Akiyo Jiro

Final Year Student @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Pursuing a Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering. Hobbies : Anime, Manga, ACG, Dollfies.

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