Things that guy does that turns woman off

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I found this article pretty interesting and decided to share it over here. I personally did look at the questions and found several similarities to myself. Lets take a look at my answers.

He stays home alone and plays games

Most women do not seem to think much of men who play games all the time. It doesn’t matter how handsome he is, if a man spends all day gaming, he’ll refuse to go on dates and won’t have an interest in such cultural pursuits as going to watch a movie or listen to music, or even engage in conversation, so a relationship won’t last.
When considering the future, many will likely be concerned about the bad influence such interests may exert on children. It’ll probably be hard for him to date a highly feminine woman.

(Personal Answer to this : Well I am about this way, but I am open to accommodation. I often stay home to play games, blog or other net stuff. 1st of all, when you go outside. Whether or not you are buying anything, you are going to spend money. Great example : “Food”. I will prioritize going out with friends anytime over gaming.)

He goes to brothels by himself

Whether he goes alone or with his friends, most women will be put out by a man using a brothel. To say nothing of him hiding it from his girlfriend and going…

(Personal Answer to this : Not happening. I don’t want to contract STDs.)

He chases after idols by himself

It can’t be helped that women want to be given a break from men who chase idols. However you look at it, a man who learns dance moves, dons a headband and starts cheering loudly at an idol concert has no appeal whatsoever to the opposite gender.

(Personal Answer to this : I am into Jpop. If Mizuki Nana were to come for an example. I would not go to the airport. The most I can do is go for the Concert, grab some concert souvenirs. Buy album. Thats all.)

He’s a solitary trophy collector

The kind of guy who secretly makes off with personal items like jewellery from all the girls he dates, and builds a trophy collection.

(Personal Answer to this : What? This kind of guy is just a MOFO. *facepalm*)

He plays with dolls by himself

He makes or buys dolls with emphasised boobage, etc, then lines his room with – there’s no way you can be anything but creeped out by this. You really can’t help but label him a pervert.

(Personal Answer to this : This relate to me the best of all questions. I personally own a doll, I guess you readers here already know that. I don’t own a doll to do perverted things OK!, I mean come on they are well. Pretty, Cute. Nothing perverted about it right? I don’t want to talk about others but, I am just not like that.)

He’s a solitary claimer [complainer]

He’s the kind of guy who spends his time filling comment forms and forum threads with insults about some product or maker he doesn’t like, and even phones the company and files complaints with them. Even if he tries to keep it secret, he’ll soon find himself with no friends left.

(Personal Answer to this : Keyboard warriors is the word over at my country. I hate them. Not one of them. Enough said.)


About Akiyo Jiro

Final Year Student @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Pursuing a Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering. Hobbies : Anime, Manga, ACG, Dollfies.

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