3.10.11 Takahashi Minami Cafe Session

Takamina Special Mix Calpis drink

I participated in Session 1, which I obviously were looking for. Session 1 felt like the best for me since, I want to see a fresh idol well she wouldn’t be that hyper if you did the same thing over again at 2nd and 3rd session will you. Reaction BEST!.

I was quite absorbed in looking at her more than taking photos, since only phone camera is allowed. And all you know iPhone camera is crap.

So the program started with a Takamina welcome.

Followed by a Stunning performance by the Cafe girls. Heavy Rotation Dance ~ Wohoo ~
I want you, I need you, I love you.

The host then invited Takamina to give a comment speech on the dance.

Following up with some Q & A session.

Fortunately this guy right opposite to me wrote this question. “If you needed to choose. Which AKB48 member will you make out with.” But the host needed to be nice. He switched it to “If you needed to choose. Which AKB48 member will you go on a date you.” She replied “I meet Acchan everyday. So probably Acchan.” then she followed up by saying “Everyday Acchan~” probably a Pun of “Everyday Kachuusha”.

Unfortunately the Q & A ended without my question appearing. Mine was “Acchan once mentioned on her blog that she wants to marry you, what is your reaction to that?” Ah well we had tons of fun anyways. I think video taking wasnt allowed but, teehee I took some. Later in the video section.
Anyways to follow up to Takamina Group photo. Then she made some really cute poses but wasnt in the greatest angle to take them.

Went down to the AKB48 store to grab some Takamina goods to go home with. Then saw that she gave the shop a autograph.

So I grabbed a poster of Takamina and a Pencil case.
Went home 😀

Video Section : (Remeber to watch them in 720p!!)

About Akiyo Jiro

Final Year Student @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Pursuing a Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering. Hobbies : Anime, Manga, ACG, Dollfies.

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  1. Takamina too cute >_<

    Thanks for the videos and photos ^^

  2. gyennleong


  3. Douzo yoroshiku! Very nice presentation. I’m a great fan of AKB48 too. I has founded two pages on facebook 100% devoted to the J-Music:
    I would be very glad If you will like it!
    Arigatou gozaimasu!
    Moreno *Mon-san*, ITALY

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