CJN Night Singapore 2011 @ AKB48 Cafe @ *Scape

CJN Night Singapore 2011 @ AKB48 Cafe @ *Scape

2011 marking the first year of CGM Night’s change to CJN Night. It received a a great support level unlike last year, an estimated amount of 250 people arrived for the gathering. Those who arrived early and was able to grab a Mirai-chan Weis Schwarz card for yourself. I myself prefer a clean one so it went unsigned. Instead I got a signed Name-card instead.

I had my lovely Yuki over here to model the shot for me. ( I was too lazy to pull out my camera at the end of the day so I made do with my phone )

So what is this CJN Night you are talking about you might be asking. Its a special meet-up / gathering for people with the same interest and hobby to mix and socialize around. This year event we had the Weis Schwarz card game get together, Street Fighter IV sparing, Dollfie / Nendoroids / Figurine display photo sessions. Lets not just bore you with my words lets go on with the photos.

As you step in the AKB48 Cafe why not take a look at this message board

It was pretty harsh trying to get my daughter safely through all this rampaging enthusiast

I took the pleasure to have Danny hold Yuki along with his signed name-card

Then I took Yuki along to join the Daughter on the Doll Showcase

After settling Yuki with the others, I started going around snapping photos. Heres a comrade getting his Nendoroids ready with very creative poses. I always go “Why didn’t I think of that”. Maybe be I should play around more with my Nendoroids sitting at home.

Comrade Kodomut joined in the fun with his very own Nendoroids as well. End product lovely isn’t it

Many people immersed themself in the Weis Schwarz Card game, makes me want to start them yourself

Side A : Nice IDOLM@STER deck and sleeve, Side B : Oreimo Sleeves and Angel Beats Deck
I am starting to wonder are we not suppose to mix them together?
Or is there a set effect? Hmm… Intriguing

As I patrolled around taking photos “while forgetting about my lunch”
The smell of dinner arrives

I only grab a small fill, so everyone here should be able to grab a bite
Now back to taking photos

Here it is! The Street Fighter Sparring

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who brought their Lovely Daughters along!

Ain’t the pair just lovely?

That sums up my experience for the CJN Night 2011, hope you enjoy reading it. And see you next time.


About Akiyo Jiro

Final Year Student @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Pursuing a Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering. Hobbies : Anime, Manga, ACG, Dollfies.

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  1. i wish i can join this awesome gathering next time

  2. i love the way you photograph the dolls almost as if they were real people. 🙂 listening to nyan cat right now…

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