Yuki @ Home

Finally after exams. *And Relaxation. I started playing some games and chat with friends around? I recieved a package awhile back, originally meant for AFA. But HK Post office were having some issues and were delayed for a week or so thus missing it. So I had Yuki tried it on.

 Neko-mimi Hoodie!!!

I also got her a separate hat, somehow I just like hat for some reason. Then I went to do some of my own stuff. Normally I would kick back on my bed and read some manga I collected once again. But I saw this.

Yuki was lying on the bed enjoying “Kampfer”

I went to approach her and wanted to ask if we could share the spot. But she gave me this look.

 So Cute >///< !!!!

I just said nothing and continued surfing the net and play some games while Yuki enjoys her manga.


About Akiyo Jiro

Final Year Student @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Pursuing a Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering. Hobbies : Anime, Manga, ACG, Dollfies.

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  1. It’s good know I’m not the only Kämpfer reader…

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