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Yuki @ Home

Finally after exams. *And Relaxation. I started playing some games and chat with friends around? I recieved a package awhile back, originally meant for AFA. But HK Post office were having some issues and were delayed for a week or so thus missing it. So I had Yuki tried it on.

 Neko-mimi Hoodie!!!

I also got her a separate hat, somehow I just like hat for some reason. Then I went to do some of my own stuff. Normally I would kick back on my bed and read some manga I collected once again. But I saw this.

Yuki was lying on the bed enjoying “Kampfer”

I went to approach her and wanted to ask if we could share the spot. But she gave me this look.

 So Cute >///< !!!!

I just said nothing and continued surfing the net and play some games while Yuki enjoys her manga.


CJN Night Singapore 2011 @ AKB48 Cafe @ *Scape

CJN Night Singapore 2011 @ AKB48 Cafe @ *Scape

2011 marking the first year of CGM Night’s change to CJN Night. It received a a great support level unlike last year, an estimated amount of 250 people arrived for the gathering. Those who arrived early and was able to grab a Mirai-chan Weis Schwarz card for yourself. I myself prefer a clean one so it went unsigned. Instead I got a signed Name-card instead.

I had my lovely Yuki over here to model the shot for me. ( I was too lazy to pull out my camera at the end of the day so I made do with my phone )

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Yuki Flower Dress

The package from Dollmore arrives today. Didn’t take a photo of the box since, is there even a point to do so?
Quickly unpacked everything and let Yuki try them on. I am very satisfied with the results. But had some issue with Yuki Whisper blue wig. The right bangs seems long. I tried to overlook it but, it just keeps getting in the way. Had to trim it in the end. Enjoy the photos :D.
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Shopping for Yuki

Well woke up in the morning. Afternoon rather, around 11.00 am. Opened up the list of recommendations I asked my Elder Sister to look out for me on Dollmore. I got a few I like and asked the Opinion of @MotokoYamamoto @Leukemio @Kitsuke for some opinions and came up with these.

I got to some issue payment wise. But thanks to @TonyBSD for pointing it out to me I was able to not get stuck.
The “SD – Slim Line Slip (Pink) UME-SDSP(PI)02” is an order for a friend.
I will be listing them and showing you what exactly I bought and all images rights go to
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Yuki in Yukata

Haven’t been posting for awhile. Probably lost all my readers. But well, I am just going to post this to share with you guys who are still around. I am still in my studies so, had my test earlier today. After my study session for the up-coming paper tomorrow. Meet up with Ethan, since he came scouting for Toyogo cabinets in Fair-price Extra near my estate. He loaned me a set of Yukata since, I am still yet to get any clothings for Yuki as of yet. ( Will get to it on Monday ). And Yea will be getting some clothes and be ready for the Doll Affair held on 18/6. So Enjoy the photos.
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