K-On Movie

Once again Moe-blob anime K-On strikes harder and better.
December marks the day K-On Movie “1st” started airing. I assume there will be more to come.
Nevertheless produced by Kyoto Animations who brought you K-On! and K-On!!. What am I writing seriously.
If it airs in where I live, I will probably go and watch it on the first day.
So you maybe interested in the basic information you want to know on the movie itself.

Title     : K-On! ( The Movie )
Rating : Pg-13
Aired  : December 03, 2011
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CJN Night Singapore 2011 @ AKB48 Cafe @ *Scape

CJN Night Singapore 2011 @ AKB48 Cafe @ *Scape

2011 marking the first year of CGM Night’s change to CJN Night. It received a a great support level unlike last year, an estimated amount of 250 people arrived for the gathering. Those who arrived early and was able to grab a Mirai-chan Weis Schwarz card for yourself. I myself prefer a clean one so it went unsigned. Instead I got a signed Name-card instead.

I had my lovely Yuki over here to model the shot for me. ( I was too lazy to pull out my camera at the end of the day so I made do with my phone )

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AKB Cafe 1st Experience

Went down to have some om nom nom @ AKB Cafe at *SCAPE. Had to use up my session ticket coupon before it expires the coming monday.
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3.10.11 Takahashi Minami Cafe Session

Takamina Special Mix Calpis drink

I participated in Session 1, which I obviously were looking for. Session 1 felt like the best for me since, I want to see a fresh idol well she wouldn’t be that hyper if you did the same thing over again at 2nd and 3rd session will you. Reaction BEST!.
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For Takamina.

I woke up more earlier than I always do @ 9am. Brush up and get ready to go. I made my way to SCAPE* AKB48 Singapore store to Pre-order Takamina T-Shirt. Hopefully getting the Handshake Session ticket as well, but sadly I was late by around 3 people in line.
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