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Portal 2 : Mind Disorienting Game

After trying the Portal : First Slice Demo and watching some of BlueXephos ( Simon & Lewis Portal 2 : Co-op ).
I decided to give it ago. Living up to my expectations, it was jaw dropping. I have no actually completed the
game just yet but I will soon enough. It does cause some giddiness, I got my bit of the experience since the portal literally bends time and space. Did some recording of the gameplay itself, with me sucking badly at it. Future discussion about it with Jonathan on twitter ( otherwise known as Leukemio/Pretentiousally ) brought TheSpaceSphere of Aperture Science to intrude my twitter. And after asking him “Hey, wheres your homie GLaDOS”. I got this as a reply “@AkiyoJiro Remember: The Aperture Science “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day” is the perfect time to have her tested”. No way in hell I am going to let Yuki go into that miserable place.
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