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AKB48 Newest Single “Give Me Five” Preview

As of previously mentioned by King Records, AKB48 Newest album which will be named “Give Me Five” will be released on 15th Feburary 2012. Coming in 4 different editions with CD and DVD coming with each edition. There will be a Limited edition Type A & B and a Regular edition Type A & B.


K-On Movie

Once again Moe-blob anime K-On strikes harder and better.
December marks the day K-On Movie “1st” started airing. I assume there will be more to come.
Nevertheless produced by Kyoto Animations who brought you K-On! and K-On!!. What am I writing seriously.
If it airs in where I live, I will probably go and watch it on the first day.
So you maybe interested in the basic information you want to know on the movie itself.

Title     : K-On! ( The Movie )
Rating : Pg-13
Aired  : December 03, 2011
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